The Adolphe Siou and Co. confectionery factory (renamed “Bolshevik” in 1924) was built at the end of the 19th century and was the first industrial enterprise in Moscow to make full use of electricity. After 100 years of global upheavals and many trials, Bolshevik has been reborn at the start of the 21st century. Careful renovation has transformed the historic red-brick factory buildings into a modern business and cultural complex, matching best international standards and inspiring the admiration of Muscovites no less than the Siou factory more than 100 years ago.

With its unique history and excellent location on Leningradsky Prospect (the main thoroughfare leading to the centre of Moscow), Bolshevik is the ideal place for Russian and international companies to create their own signature office space. The center is located on a landscaped territory of six hectares in one of Moscow’s most prominent and attractive business districts, with an abundance of retail and business infrastructure.

Bolshevik is  a short walk from Belorusskaya metro station and from Belorussky railway station, where a shuttle train departs regularly to Sheremetyevo International Airport (a 35 minute journey). Red Square and the Kremlin are just 10 minutes away by car.

Premium-class residential apartments are being created in three of Bolshevik’s buildings and will have their own private grounds.

Bolshevik stands on six hectares of landscaped territory on Leningradsky Prospect, immediately adjacent to Tverskaya Zastava Square, in one of Moscow’s most prominent and best developed business districts. The district  offers a full range of infrastructure for business, work and living.

Bolshevik is  a short walk from Belorusskaya metro station and from Belorussky railway station, where an airport shuttle train departs regularly to Sheremetyevo International Airport (a 35 minute journey). 

The Adolphe Siou  and Co. confectionery factory was built at the end of the 19th century to a design of the French architect, Oscar Didio. The facade style in decorative red-brick masonry, chosen by Didio, was highly unusual for Moscow at the time. The factory used advanced methods of production and was the first enterprise in Moscow to benefit from electrification. Muscovites would gather in the evening to wonder at the elaborate facades, illuminated by electric light. The Siou factory was one of the largest confectionery producers in Russia, making more than 300 products, many of them new to the Russian market. After the October revolution and nationalization the factory was renamed “Bolshevik”, in honour of Lenin’s party. To this day, in the minds of Russians, the name is as much associated with confectionery as with political history. Bolshevik’s production facilities have now been relocated outside Moscow (to Vladimir Region) and the old factory site has benefited from a large-scale renovation project, masterminded by the British architects, John McAslan + Partners.

Bolshevik today is a business and cultural complex of international standing, combining a class-A business center, the Museum of Russian Impressionism, residential apartments and a pedestrian leisure zone.

Центр «Большевик» имеет свободную планировку, модный интерьер «лофт», арочные потолки и кирпичные стены, которые идеально подходят для создания стильного и экономичного рабочего пространства.

«Большевик» предлагает арендаторам 56 000 квадратных метров выдающихся офисных помещений класса А на выбор доступные блоки площадью от 300 до 15 000 квадратных метров. Внутренние помещения имеют высоту от 3 до 4,5 метров с панорамными окнами, которые максимально используют свет. Просторная благоустроенная территория и полноценная инфраструктура создают прекрасные условия для работы и отдыха.

Для арендаторов предусмотрен подземный паркинг.

The renovation work used up-to-date approaches for efficient use of building materials, reducing construction debris and harmful emissions.

Engineering systems installed at the Bolshevik center ensure energy efficiency, reduced water consumption and sorting of waste. The center has its own dedicated boiler house, making it self-sufficient for heating in the winter time.

The Bolshevik project brings to light the most experienced international team on a Moscow-based refurbishment project. Collective expertise within the development team has seen the lights switched on in many successful and similar projects, such as Stanislavsky Factory, Lefort and Lootch.

Asset and Property Management: Standard Service

 Facility Management: Sawatzky Property Management

Architect: John McAslan + Partners

Brand Design: Assembly Studios

Bolshevik cultural & business complex

15 Leningradsky prosp. 

125040 Moscow


Management Office:

T: (495) 602 02 14



Oksana Orlina
T: (495) 788 55 75